Flower Power - The Science of Plants

We do it naturally, with plants!  -  Flower Power!

Dr. Ward’s mists deliver pure cleansing freshness to everything: fabrics, rooms and bodies. And, we do it naturally with plants, plants and more plants!

Harnessing the natural anti-bacterial nature of plant and flower power!

Plants, when squeezed like grapes, make pure plant essential oils - At a microscopic level, the tiny molecules of plants eat bacteria and fungus like it's yesterday's news! Virtually all plant essential oils are anti-bacterial and most are anti-fungal as well - Stink be gone!

And, let the fresh scents of citrus, lavender, mint, eucalyptus and acai berry combat everything that stinks and liven your senses with aromatherapeutic pleasure at the same time!

Spritz them everywhere - GO ON - you will love them! Dr. Ward's mists cleanse and freshen everything they touch: bodies & underarms, pillows, curtains, counters, rooms, garbage cans & even stinky hockey skates!

Curious about what's inside our bottles? Check out our ingredient list!