Give the freshest gifts! - Three ways to give Dr Ward's.

Give the freshest gifts! - Three ways to give Dr Ward's.

Are you having a case of seasonal deja vu? You know, where you're struggling to find that perfect holiday gift for teachers, friends and loved ones?

Stand out this year in a sea of gift cards and chocolates with Fresh Mists from Dr. Ward's All Naturals!

Here are three easy ways to give:

1. Mask Mist - all natural spritz for masks!  -  How unique is that?  Perfect for teachers, neighbours and bus drivers.

We gotta wear em, right? So, let's up the game and make mask-wearing as fresh and pleasant as possible.

Mask Fresh Mists are all natural mists lightly infused with essential oils to make masks fresh and clean again: Minty fresh, Citrus crisp, or Lavender & Lemongrass are just 3 of the choices. 

We have 5 unique Mask Mists available as singles or in 5-pack flights.

Hot tip: Buy one 5-pack Mask Fresh Mist and you've got five gifts taken care of !

2. Hang them on the tree! - Holiday Fun for you and your guests

They say presentation is everything . . .  Trim your tree with our personal-sized bottles of Mask, Body, Shoe & Foot and Unders Lingerie Mists.

You don't have to be crafty to pull-this-off - just a piece of string looped under the cap, tie on a ribbon or some twine  . . . and voila!. 

Then hide them among your ornaments in plain sight on the tree and have some cheeky, holiday fun!

Play a game. Let your guests choose their favourites.

Check out our Reel on Instagram to see how pretty these look!

3. Unique hostess gifts - Give the gift of Pure Nature

Skip the box of assorted nuts. Instead, give them a gift of pure nature that they can mist everywhere and will appreciate over and over!

Dr. Ward's mists are hand-crafted with pure essential oils and smell 'naturally' beautiful. Safe for the whole family (and the environment).

Forego the gift wrapping and pick-up our 5-pack Room Fresh Flight with 5 of our flagship blends; beautifully packaged and ready to give!

Bonus - Stocking Stuffers

Who wants an orange in their stocking? Instead, stuff those stockings with Citrus Fresh Body Mist or any of our five fabulous all-natural body mists.

These personal sizes make it easy to slip into any stocking and will fill Christmas morning with beautiful freshness and fun memories!

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