Quality Ingredients

Dr. Ward's brings premium plant and flower essential oils to life in a convenient spray mist.

We believe that nature gives us everything we need -  Smelling heavenly and combatting stink without any chemicals whatsoever.

That is the Dr. Ward's promise.


Light smelling . . . and incredibly FRESH

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Safe for kids
    • Safe for pets
    • Safe for your air
    • Safe for the planet


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    Oils and water don't mix  -  So, we use a naturally derived emulsifier to keep our blends mixed and stable.

    Polysorbate 20 is a gentle, food-grade ingredient. Derived from natural sorbitol, it is used to keep our premium essential plant and flower oils mixed thoroughly with our pure, deionized water. 


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    The Dragon's loved our all natural Fresh Mists and you will too. Easy-peasy freshness that's mist, mist, ahhh!

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