About Us

Nature gives us everything we need.
Oh Hello!
I'm so pleased you are here. I'm Dr. Cindy Ward, the founder and creator of Dr. Ward's All Natural Fresh Mists. 
I've long believed that nature gives us everything we need.   And starting at a young age I have always loved exploring the wonders that is our natural earth.  I find solace swimming in a lake and there's almost nothing better than a long walk through a quiet forest (with a good lunch and perhaps a little bottle of wine : )

A Passion Turned Business
In 2018, I took the leap and started Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists, a side hustle to my day job as a Social Psychologist. What started as creating my own unique blends in my garage has since grown into a small business based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, that sells throughout North America and at local retailers. 

Naturally Good 
If you are like me, and you're struggling with the use of chemical-laden air fresheners and cleaning products, I am so glad you have found us! My line of Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists are specifically formulated blends of pure essential oils diffused in water to naturally fight bacteria, eliminate odour and infuse exceptional freshness. All of my products are created with great care and hand poured in small batches. 
Choosing the right air care product has (quite literally) never been this easy-breezy!  Learn more about my Company Mission and the Origins of Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists.