The evolution of deodorants

Zero chemicals in body products should be the NORM, not the exception

It's time to DEMAND that our body products have no chemicals !!

 Hi. I'm Dr. Cindy Ward - and I hate chemicals with a passion!

 There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for body deodorants, air deodorizers and household cleaning products to contain chemicals!!

 We don't need chemicals when we have all that we need with plants!!

 PLANTS have been cleaning our bodies and our air for 5 million years!!

 When extracted into concentrated essential oils, plants are anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and many are anti-fungal too - - we don't need chemicals, period !

 The issue, sadly, is that large multi-national corporations don't give a shit about consumer health - they care only about cheaping out on ingredients so they can satisfy their stock holders!

 Large multi-nationals have buildings full of lawyers and lobbyists - if they can get away with something; they WILL !

 So at Dr. Ward's All Naturals we are REVOLUTIONIZING DEODORANTS and DEODORIZERS !!

 We proudly use ONLY plant essential oils and water!! (plus a teeny tiny bit of food emulsifier to keep the oils and water mixed)   - -   That's it!

Hand-crafted by me and my team in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada . . . . we DO give a shit about your health and we're on a mission to eradicate chemicals in consumer products ! 

"No chemicals" should be the NORM . . . not the exception!

Wouldn't you agree?

Check out our ingredients here.

Our deodorizers clean you, your body, and your air "naturally" - - and, damn, they smell AMAZING!

You will love them so much, you'll never use chemical room sprays or large corporation deodorants ever again!

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