Dr. Ward's Mission

Dr. Cindy Ward of Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists Canada


Our mission is pretty straightforward. Let's use what nature gives us and surround our lives with natural products !

The air that we breath . . . and the stuff that we put on our bodies is so important  - I'm surprised that chemical deodorizers are so popular . . .  but they are . . and I guess they have done a pretty good job with their commercials to convince people to use them.

But we don't need to use chemicals - Nature gives us all that we need to deodorize our stuff and our bodies  - -  just a few spritzes of our already diffused concentrated plant oils eats the bacteria that causes stink - - a win, win, if you ask me.  So why deodorize with chemical products??  - -  well, probably because that's all there is available for people to buy and use.  It's a sad situation.

Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists founded during the pandemic by first creating an all-natural, plant-based face mask deodorizer  - - and soon realized that air care and natural deodorants are really important to people !!  - - and there's nothing else for people to choose from   - -   these dumb-ass deodorizers that sell in stores are chock full of absolute grossness . . . . how can they promise to last for 28 days?  - - -   eww . . .  we shudder just thinking about what would have to be in that chemical can or that plug-in goop, or that laundry scent enhancer . . .

But we solved the problem  -  Dr. Ward's Fresh Mist gives people a natural choice to deodorize their bodies, their rooms and their STUFF.  We've been growing like wild-fire   - -  look out Febreze . . .  here we come  - - a natural choice for the people!

Hi. I'm Cindy (aka Dr. Ward), the founder of Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists.  I live with my family and make Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I'm a big music lover and support live music. I'm also a maker, and part of the maker community in my area.

I'm a bit of a nature girl and a water baby. I like to feel the dirt between my toes and jump in the lake to wash off.  But I also enjoy progress, and hot showers. Plus I'm a scientist at heart; I'm not sure science would exist without progress : ) And, I like to travel. And, I don't think I could live without cheeseburgers and wine and the occasional cigar!  -  so, I'm cool with some progress too.

Yet, at the end of the day, I would rather live than die, right? - so, what I try to do is keep my chemical intake on the low side  . . . within reason, haha, you know what I mean?  -  and I swim a lot and drink lots of water. So that helps digest the wine and keep me limber, like yoga, but in the water : )  It's fun, you should try it : )

AND . .  when it comes to chemicals and progress, maybe there's a TIPPING POINT . . ??  In fact, I think we've reached the tipping point - it's time to push back!  - -  we really don't need no stinkin' chemicals   - -  if a whole bunch of people just leaned a bit more toward the natural choice (if there are indeed natural choices to make), then that's a good start, right? 

And then there is that whole nature is splendour argument!  Because it is, indeed, nothing short of splendour! Nature is harmony with our biological matter! And nature is just so goddamned healing and amazing and friggin' cool !!  Nature is us.  We are nature too! We are cool ! How cool is that?

So, my mission is pretty straightforward. Let's use what nature gives us and surround our lives with natural products and reduce chemicals to oblivion!  (but still love cheeseburgers and wine . . . and the occasional cigar) 

Now that you know 'why' I started this company and make Dr. Ward's Fresh Mists, learn more about the company's Origin Story here