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I'm Cindy Ward, residing in the lovely city of Kitchener, Ontario, surrounded by my wonderful family. Holding a PhD in Social Psychology since 2015, my research delved into the topics of happiness, life satisfaction, and self-identity over time.

Interestingly, I wore a different hat for a decade – that of a taxi driver – while navigating the challenges of both academia and raising my son. Surprising, right? It was during this period that my genuine fascination and love for people took root.

As a lifelong creative, inventor, and entrepreneur, Dr. Ward's Fresh Mist embodies everything I'm passionate about and stand for. I advocate for clean air and challenge chemical companies, believing that not everyone wants their air filled with overpowering artificial scents. Life is challenging as it is, and I refuse to complicate it further with poorly crafted products containing harmful ingredients.

Leading Dr. Ward's Fresh Mist fills me with immense pride as we stride towards a cleaner, fresher future powered by plants. I can confidently guarantee that you will never find any unhealthy chemicals in my products.

In this venture, plants take center stage; I see myself merely as the conduit. They provide everything essential for a clean and healthy life, contributing to our happiness. It's a win-win situation in my book.

I sincerely hope you relish the experience of incorporating my plant-based deodorizing products into every facet of your life. The convenience they offer is truly irresistible. Feel free to reach out anytime—I cherish engaging in meaningful conversations and am always delighted to chat.

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