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Dr. Ward's Fresh Mist

Lavender ROOM+FABRIC Fresh Mist

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FIGHT ODORS NATURALLY - Plant and flower essential oils naturally combat odor-causing funk and smell great – Derived from nature, Dr. Ward’s Fresh Mists cleanse, deodorize and refresh everywhere you mist.

SCENT DOES NOT LINGER - Light and fresh aromatherapy blend. Great for people who hate perfumes.

SAFE AIR QUALITY - 100% natural and plant-based. Zero chemicals, aerosols, parabens, phthalates, or alcohol. Just pure essential oils lightly diffused in water (plus a hint of witch hazel, so it’s good for skin too!) Safe for the whole family, the planet, and your air quality!

GOT STINK? - MIST IT EVERYWHERE. Rooms, Cars, Fabrics, Carpets, Bedding, Face-masks, Lingerie, Denims, Overcoats, Shoes - Great for hard to wash items like sport gear and yoga mats.  Eliminate strong odors in laundry, nursery, sports gear and trash bin odors too!

MADE IN CANADA, EH – Crafted with care in small batches.

SCENT NOTE:  Lavender and Lemongrass